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MELOSINE – vom Winde verweht, reopening Schlosspark Babelsberg, SPSG, Potsdam, D, 2018



Melosine is exploring the human body to serve as a canvas for visualizing landscape style patterns. The performer interacts with multichannel sound frequencies which are controlling the distortion of the projected lines.

Materials: KINECT depth camera, Processing, VDMX, Ableton Live, Elektron Digitone, Stereo Sound System

Video abspielen

MELOSINE – 1, 2022, 

body projection mapping video (color, sound), 4k 30fps, 0:36 min, loop

you can find this asset @ opensea here

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Visual Portfolio, Posts & Image Gallery for WordPress

MELOSINE – 2, 2023 

body projection mapping video (color, sound)

live recordings 4k

scetch for waterscreen Hong Kong

Dream, 2012, 

projection mapping – sculpture Toralf Jaeckel

 video (color, sound),  30fps, 0:54 min