Prison Break - 1 collection

Prison Break – 1, 2022, pre-production study, scene 4_31,
video (color, sound), FullHD 60fps 1:08 min loop

The BUTOH dancer is dressed in fashion of IPU. The multichannel sound frequencies and fragil movements of the dancer serves to heighten the impact of visual creation into LIQUID FASHION. A visual sonic landscape appear that seems to melt reality or could fit our new META-REALITY. The result is a truly unique and captivating performance. Creates a blend of elements that perfectly balances the traditional and the modern, resulting in an artwork that is both intimate and impactful.


Green Screen Room @ Künstlerhaus Bethanien Medienwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des BBK Berlin

coding: ISF, Touchdesigner, VDMX, Ableton Live, Elektron Digitone, Stereo Sound System
4 Track Multichannel Audio