Rembrandts Legacy

Rembrandt´s Lethargy „Shaduw Maakt Licht“, Leiden, NL, 2019

short film festival LISFE and city of Leiden commissioned this water screen project for the 350th anniversary of Rembrandts death, who was born in this city

Preparation time: 3 months
No. of live-performances: 1 
1 x 20.000 ANSI Lumen projectors
Stereo  sound system
Water logistics: pontonhuren

Rembrandts Legacy // Leiden NL

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Rembrandt, water screen mapping study 
scene 1.1, 2019

The visible face of Rembrandt consists of 10 self-portraits in different stages of his life. The various images are morphed against the backdrop of the windmills in his hometown. Three historical quotes made by Rembrandt interrupt the visual scenery and reflect his attitude towards the creative process of painting.

video (color, sound), 3:04 min, FULLHD 30fps, 24B/48KHz loop

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Rembrandt, 2022, QUANTUM, liquified portrait, 

During the production process for a water screen projection commissioned by the city of Leiden, we learned that Rembrandt’s life was challenging. Torn between the demands of society and his own artistic desires, Rembrandt went through several dark periods during his life. The liquified portrait reflects the water-rich landscape where Rembrandt lived. Unstable patterns of water drops and various eruptions of field recorded, icy elements aim to remember the tears and confrontations Rembrandt had to live with in his career.

Coding: Touchdesigner, Supercollider
4 Track Multichannel Audio

2:37 min 4k 60 fps video loop 24B/48kHz

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Rembrandt, after show live recording, Leiden, Netherland, 2019